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Music and drama are distinctive features of Notting Hill Prep where the emphasis is on enjoyment, team work and developing skills that provide fulfillment and promote self-confidence.




All children are encouraged to discover their musical potential and realise their natural talents. During class music lessons children learn to develop their vocal and instrumental skills, to improvise and compose and become familiar with a wide range of music, past and present.


More than half of the children receive individual tuition on a variety of instruments, including piano, violin, cello, recorder, flute, guitar, clarinet, trombone and French horn. Assemblies and formal and informal concerts provide a platform for performance as it is important for children to learn that one of the key aspects of playing an instrument is communicating with an audience.

Every year, at Christmas, the choir perform for the elderly at the Kensington Day Centre. Children are also encouraged to take Associated Board or equivalent examinations.




Drama is the natural partner of music as a means of communication and self-expression and is an integral part of the National Curriculum. The drama teacher works closely with individual class teachers to support and extend the core curriculum. Voice production, creative movement, improvisation, mime and speaking skills are all developed. Children are encouraged to enter Poetry and Public Speaking competitions. Daily assemblies, evening productions and end-of-term plays and shows give children plenty of opportunities to perform.

Music & Drama