In the Classics Department we aim to develop a passion for the learning of languages in general and in particular to foster a real interest in the classical world and an appreciation of its relevance today. Lessons are varied, inclusive and entertaining. Pupils are encouraged to collaborate and share their ideas, and to become active and inquisitive learners who are responsible for their own learning. There is often a creative element to the content of lessons, in addition to a focus on high achievement.

Latin is taught from Year 6 upwards and Greek is taught on a selective basis to pupils in the top two years.

In both subjects pupils develop the necessary skills and knowledge to take Common Entrance or Scholarship exams in their final year.

Although these exams rely heavily on rigorous learning of works and grammatical rules, pupils also embrace aspects of Roman history and Classical mythology and thus are able to enjoy learning Latin and Greek within a wider context.

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Latin and Greek

Latin Cella writing