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The curriculum includes the statutory framework of the National Curriculum. It has been extended to reflect the particular ethos of the school and will continue to be developed in response to children's needs.


While literacy and numeracy are stressed in the early years, pupils are taught Maths, English, Science, French, History, Geography, Religious/Moral Studies, Sport, Art, Music and Drama and IT throughout the school.


Personal, Social, Health Education and Citizenship also form an integral part of the general curriculum for all children, but are taught more formally to older children.

Latin is introduced in Year 5 and Greek is provided for those children for whom it is a requirement for entry to their senior school of choice. Art, Music and Drama are emphasised as essential elements of a complete education. Road Safety education and environmental issues are also introduced as part of our School Travel Policy.


Great importance is also placed on introducing problem-solving and reasoning skills in all subjects. Pupils in Year 5 and 6 follow a formal programme of thinking skills. Study skills are also introduced in Year 6 so that pupils can acquire successful revision techniques and make efficient use of study time prior to public examinations. Pupils are carefully and thoroughly prepared for Common Entrance Examinations at the ages of 11 and 13 years.